The Ordinance Enforcement  primary responsibility is to enforce Zoning and Township Ordinances in the community. 
To report a violation, please fill the form in the link below. You can also e-mail your concern to Township Enforcement Officer at enforcement@webstermi.us

Ordinance Violation Complaint Form

When a complaint is received, the enforcement officer will investigate the complaint and determine if there is an ordinance violation. If there is not a violation, the complaint is closed. If a violation is observed, ordinance officers will attempt to make contact with the homeowner, business owner or person responsible, to discuss the situation. Enforcement Officer  strive for cooperative compliance, but have enforcement options of issuing a Notice of Violation. 

The Webster Township Enforcement Officer works part-time.  Please be patient if we are not able to respond to your concern immediately.

Township Enforcement Officer

Gary Lask
Phone: 734-426-5103 
Email: enforcement@webstermi.us