Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a body of citizens that serve within the Township, acting as an advisory group to the Township Board on issues and policies related to planning, land use regulation, and community development. 

The Webster Planning Commission has three main functions:
     1. To make and adopt a plan for the Township's land use and development. The Webster Township Master Plan presents           a vision for the Township's future growth and development.
     2. To review and approve site plans of potential development in the township.
     3. To conduct public hearings and advise the Township Board regarding amendments to the Township Zoning                  Ordinance.  The ordinance establishes land development regulations, districts, and zones and regulates such                elements as land use, building height, lot area, setbacks, parking, signs, and density. It also establishes permitted                activities (land uses) that can be conducted on a property.

Webster Township Planning Commission has 7 members recommended by the Supervisor and approved by the Township Board for 3 year terms.  

To join the Planning Commission please send a letter describing yourself.

Address your letter to Supervisor Kingsley and the members of the Board of Trustees:


Paul Zalucha
- Term Expires 1/23

Andrea Zamansky- Term Expires 1/22

Tammy Koch-Secretary - Term Expires 1/22

Kay Stremler - Term Expires 1/22

Charles Estleman - Term Expires 1/22

John Westman - Term Expires 1/23

George Goodman- Term Expires 1/24

Martha Zeeb - Recording Secretary 
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